Mid Post Move: Rip Spin

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Mid Post Move

The mid post is a spot on the floor you should be comfortable scoring in. Often times a Power Forward, Small Forward and a Center will find themselves in the mid post with a mismatch. The mid post works well when you need a little more space to get by a slower defender. The move that is being taught in this post is the rip spin.

Get Position

This is the most important part to any post move. In order to get the ball you need to establish position, so that your team mate is comfortable passing you the ball. We have a video on this video that you can watch here. Just remember to meet the pass to lower the chances of the pass being stolen.

Rip Spin

This move is a counter to the Face Up Rip, which can be watched here. The move starts off by catching the ball and facing up to the basket. We suggest catching the ball about 10 feet from the basket so you have room to operate.

After facing the basket your first option is the face up shot. You will want to use this if the defender is playing off you and you have space to get your shot of clean.

If you do not have space to get your shot off, this means the defender is most likely guarding you close. This will make it easier to drive by him, which is the next step. Try and use one or two dribble to get to the rim.

Sometimes a good defender will be able to cut you off before getting to the rim. This is ok as long as you have not picked you dribble up. As the defender begins to cut you off this is where you want to spin around the defender.

ringspiralbinder_836x1155-5If you are interested in taking your mid post game to the next level, check out the power forward workout. This workout is an hour long workout that teaches you new drills and comes with a snap shot guide which will explain everything you need to improve your game.