Avoiding a Shooting Slump

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Do you want to be the go to scorer on your team? Have you ever gone through a slump where everything seems to be going against you – foul trouble, a good defender, or the ball just won’t seem to go in? Well, today Pro Training Basketball is going explain how to get out of your slump and become that reliable scorer your team needs.

1) Get an Easy Basket

During the game it is easy to get out of rhythm. It can be because of your defender playing good defense, bad shot selection by you or even foul trouble. An average player will let this snowball into them becoming a non factor in the game, but a dominant ‘go to scorer’ will find a way to reverse the trend. And the best way to do this is by getting an easy bucket. The type of shot may be different depending on the player and your level, but the easiest way is to get in the paint and finish a lay-up or post move. Once you see the ball go in the basket this can jumpstart the rest of your game.

2) Get to the Free throw line

This is a very similar to our first tip. A great way to get your rhythm and feel back is by getting to the free throw line. This allows you to get 1, 2 or maybe 3 extra shots to find your rhythm and hopefully see the ball go through the rim just as many times. This will not only help get your rhythm and confidence back, but it will also give the other team and player an additional foul. Pro Tip – If your team is in the bonus, make sure to be more aggressive. Any defensive foul will get you to the free throw line and help you get you out of your slump.

3) Take Preparation Seriously

Preparing for a basketball game needs to be taken more seriously if you want to get out of your shooting slump. The higher levels you play at the more this becomes relevant. Preparing for a basketball game is not a one day task it starts a day or two before. You need to make sure you are well hydrated, eat a nutritious meal leading up to the game and you get a good night sleep the night before. This will ensure your body is mentally and physically ready to operate at its peak so that you can avoid any lapses on the court. In addition, you need to take your warm-ups serious as well. There is no reason to put on a show in warm-ups. This is your time to make game shots and find your rhythm, so you can put on a show once the game officially starts.

4) Get Up Extra Shots

Some players start the season hot because they are still benefiting from all the shots they took in the offseason. The problem these players have is they think practice is enough during the season to maintain their shot when in fact it isn’t. Elite shooters find a way to get up extra shots either before or after practice, especially if they are in a shooting slump. The saying shoot to “stay hot and shoot to get hot” doesn’t just apply to the game, it really applies to practice, which translates to a game.

5) Shoot Everyday

This is a play off our last tip, but it is important enough to reiterate. If you want to be a consistent scorer, you need put the work in. Shooting does not come naturally to most people, so to build the habit of proper form you need to make at least two to three hundred shots a day. This will require sacrifice – to show up early or stay late at practice, maybe even getting a gym membership. If you are dedicated, you will find a way to get in the gym no matter the sacrifice. Also make sure you are working on the right drills that force you to go game speed and take game shots. If you need help knowing the drills or want to maximize your training check out this 9 week workout program that is proven to enhance your shooting ability – “PROfect Your Shooting”.