Top 5 Shooting Guards in the NBA Today

The Shooting Guards…As their name says, are out there to shoot. To get buckets. To fill up the scoring column. Looking at our ‘Top 5 Shooting Guard’ List, each one of them does just that.
Unlike the other positions in basketball like the PG, SF, or PF, the SG’s role is relatively the same throughout the league. For most of the teams, the Shooting Guard is their best overall shooter. For other teams, the SG takes some of the duties of the PG. Where they have to run plays or be a distributor here and there. They stretch the floor to create space for others. They are usually high on the scouting reports. And they are always an option at the end of the shot clock or as time expires.
Even though their roles are very focus and simple, in today’s NBA game, there is no way you’re going to be able to score enough points in a game without a dominate Shooting Guard.
Just like our ‘Top 5 Point Guard’ List, we ranked these Shooting Guards on a similar scale: their stats, role of their team, and overall skill set. Let’s count them down.

Honorable Mention (No Particular Order)

J.J. Redick

Bradley Beal

C.J. McCollum

Khris Middleton

Evan Fournier


Top 5 Shooting Guards in the NBA Today

#5 Dwayne Wade

Chicago Bulls, #3, 6’3” from Marquette
D-Wade aka ‘The Flash’. Returning home this year to Chicago, Dwayne Wade teams up with superstar Jimmy Butler. I like the fact that D-Wade waited this long to leave Miami to return home. He’s past his prime, but still has some juice left, obviously, but there was really no future in Miami for him. The Heat was ready to turn a page in their franchise’s history and that would have been hard to do with D-Wade eating up a decent portion of the salary cap.
Nevertheless, D-Wade is still a top 5 SG in the league. As his body had “matured” so has his game. He’s tremendously crafty around the basket, he is an automatic bucket from mid-range, and is constantly finding ways to get to the free throw line and contribute. However, #5 is as high as he can get. He is still shaky from the 3-Point line and is not ‘The Guy’ on this Bulls roster. That belongs to Jimmy. More in him later. However, D-Wade will go down as one of the GOATs but in today’s league, he’s #5.

#4 DeMar DeRozan

Toronto Raptor, #10, 6’7” from USC
DeMar DeRozan, has propelled himself into superstar status after these past few years in the NBA. In fact, he’s had one of the hottest starts to this season, scoring wise, that any player has had in a while. Is amazing when you look in a scoring column after Raptors game and you see the points he put up. Then, you look at the 3-point column and it usually reads “0-0”. DeMar with his athleticism and killer instincts is always on the attack. He has a killer mid-range shot and finishes around the basket effortlessly. But what he is really known for is exploding above the rim and dunking it hard with or without defender in the way.
The biggest thing that I think hurts DeRozan is his inability to consistently knock down the 3-pointer. The NBA has changed and teams depend heavily on the 3-pointer to cut down leads or extend them. If he could develop the range, he could add even more points to his average but also create more space for driving, because defenders would have to guard him beyond the arc. With that being said, #4 is great spot for DeMar as he leads a young yet very good Raptor’s team.

#3 Jimmy Butler

Chicago Bulls, #21, 6’7” from Marquette
Jimmy Butler, like DeMar DeRozan, has also raised his stock after performing well over the past few seasons. Butler is the complete package. He has the height and athleticism to take smaller Guards into the post and paint. While being quick enough to blow by bigger defenders or create space to shoot. He is one of those efficient players that you can rely on night in and night out. One of his best skill sets is, like other SG’s is his ability to get hot. Jimmy, like Klay or Steph, seems to have that switch what makes him unguardable sometimes. And all defenders can do is hope he cools down for the buzzer goes off.
Being the scorer that he is, Jimmy also mixes it up on the backboard and has been known to put up high numbers in the assist column. Coming in at #3 is as high as he can possibly go though. It’s not because of his lack in skill or role. It’s simply because #1 and #2 are on a different planet. Keep reading.


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#2 Klay Thompson 

Golden State Warriors, #11, 6’7” from Washington State
Klay “Splash Brother” Thompson….The. Most. Efficient. Player. In. The. NBA. PERIOD. Klay Thompson was hard to put at #2 especially after his 60 point performance. But this is right spot. Klay, like Steph, can get hot at any moment, and run off 20+ points in a quarter. Not to mention, it’ll only take him like 3 dribbles to do so. Being an efficient player like this at the SG position is a coach’s dream. The ball doesn't stick, doesn't get turned over, and points are getting put on the board.
Now before I say this next statement, if you’re a Steph Curry fan….skip the next line….
In my opinion, Klay Thompson has the best shot, fundamentally, in the NBA. I say fundamentally, because the mechanics of his shot are flawless. He has great balance, strength, and consistency. Now you can’t discount how good Steph is and the unbelievable shots/plays he makes but from a trainer and purest standpoint, Klay has the better shot.
Now here are the reasons Klay is #2 and it’s very similar to way Steph was #2 on ‘The Top 5 Point Guard’ List and it’s because of the structure of their team. With the addition of Kevin Durant, Klay now slides to the third opinion on offense most nights. There will be times like his 60 point night where all the Warriors do is get him shots, but he typically will not be the go to guy.

#1 James Harden

Houston Rockets, #13, 6’5” from Arizona State

Coming in at #1 is ‘Fear the Bread’, ‘Cook’em Up, ‘Too Much Sauce’….James Harden. Now for all you guys who are still hung up on Harden’s defense; we took this into consideration and he is still #1. He’s arguably the toughest player to guard in the NBA today. He can create a shot for himself or others at any moment. And have you looked at his stats this season?!? He’s the #1 P-O-I-N-T-S Guard in the league. Besides Westbrook, no one in the league has their fingertips on the game like Harden does. It was almost to the point where we considered him a Point Guard, but PointS Guard will do for now.
Harden has taken a lot of criticism in his career after leaving OKC, but it has only driven him to be better. With an elusive crossover, a “rangeless" shot and ability to get to free throw line, Harden has put up big scoring number for seasons. The biggest thing that pushed him into that #1 spot, that I mentioned earlier, is his other contributions. Harden is racking up the assists and mixing in up on defense and the backboard, making his stat line look like a video game.
Like Westbrook, who came in #1 on our ‘Top 5 Point Guard’ List, Harden isn’t perfect either. While his defense isn't as bad as it’s had been in the past, there is room for improvement, but it is better. Plus his teams have had little to no success in the playoffs and they will struggle again come playoff time this season. Nevertheless, Harden sits at our #1 Shooting Guard spot as of right now!
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