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Pro Training believes in your potential - we want to help get you exactly where you want to be! Whether it's profecting your shooting form, developing your skills on the court, or training to improve your strength and athletic ability, we're here to work with you. 

all experience levels

Each level of training is designed to meet the unique needs and skill levels of basketball players, providing a progressive pathway for skill development and advancement in the sport.



Rookie Semi-Private Training

For newcomers with limited experience, emphasizing fundamental skills such as dribbling, shooting, passing, and defense. Also highlights proper technique, footwork, and body movement.



Pro Semi-Private Training

For players with a basic understanding of basketball fundamentals, aiming to advance their skills. Incorporates more complex drills and techniques to build upon fundamental abilities.



All-Pro Semi-Private Training

For experienced players aiming for elite performance. Emphasizes high-intensity drills, conditioning, and mental preparation for competitive play, focusing on mastering advanced skills like ball handling, shooting off the catch and dribble as well as finishing. Includes game-specific training and challenges players with intense competition to develop resilience and adaptability.



We offer training for players at every level. Whether you're competing in house leagues, middle school, high school, AAU, college, or aiming for the pros, we're here to support your journey to success.

Basketball Develomnt



Strength training is a foundational component of athletic development, essential for improving physical performance across various sports. Incorporating targeted assessments like the vertical jump, board jump, and 15-yard sprint allows athletes to gauge their explosive power, both vertically and horizontally, as well as their acceleration and speed over short distances. By regularly assessing these metrics, athletes can tailor their strength training programs to address specific areas of improvement, ultimately enhancing their overall performance and competitiveness in their respective sports.

Strength Training



Pro Training has two hoops that are equipped with Dr. Dish shooting machines that will track makes and misses to give you real time stats. Your stats will then be placed on our facility Leaderboard. You can get 200-400 shots up in one 30 minute session.


Book using a membership or buy one 30 minute session for $15 or 1 hour session for $25.

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